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Vendor Terms of Use

1. NO RISK – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE = If Michigan Bride Guide™ (MiBrideGuide) does not deliver hundreds of wedding sales leads to the vendor within one calendar year, we will refund the purchase price of this advertising.

2. Although every effort for accuracy will be taken from Michigan Bride Guide, the vendor holds MiBrideGuide indemnified from errors and omissions with the vendors display advertising.

3. The Vendor also indemnifies MiBrideGuide from any actions taken from the vendor to their client or from the client to the vendor. The MiBrideGuide is in no way shape of form responsible for any work performed from the vendor to their client.

4. MiBrideGuide will deliver hundreds of sales leads from local bridal shows to the vendor as part of our terms of use. There is no implied guarantee of sales from these leads as it is up to the vendor to act upon the provided sales leads.

5. The vendor will provide (at least) one offer or incentive per category they pay for on the MiBrideGuide website (www.MiBrideGuide.com) In addition to the sales leads and the “coupon”, the vendor will also have access to run specials via social networking pages provided through their relationship with the MiBrideGuide.